verstrickt und zugenäht
co-design with multicultural artisans
since november 2012

Finding a professional occupation is central for the integration of immigrants into a society, which is alien for them. Gaining access to the job market is often a challenge, even though their traditional skills and different working approaches could be a great ressource to be brought forward.

Box 66 asked 'be able' to set up a project for their intercultural integrative workshop.
In cooperation with the Kunsthochschule Weißensee and Box 66, 'be able' organized a series of design workshops with intercultural manual workers of different cultural backgrounds, as well as university students aiming for the degree of product design, textile design and surface design. The aim of the ongoing project is not only to develop innovative textile products, making use of traditional skills and designs, but also to lay the foundations for a cooperative, in which the participants can continue their production with an economically sustainable persepective.