Contemorary Crafts Tangail is a project initiated by the Design and Technology Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A team of five Designers from overseas were invited to work on pottery and basketry designs to be produced in two rural villages in the district of Tangail. The team was supported by two local students from the Arts and Crafts faculty in Dhaka and Chowdhury Adnan from US AID acted as translator and local expert. Financial and logistical support were given by the furniture manufacturer HATIL, US AID and Catalyst.

I decided to work with the potters in their village and to make them co-designers. We did a great number of form studies, drawing exercises and experiments. Understanding each other was difficult at the beginning but became natural over time. Experiencing this process of learning from each other and learning to understand each other is the most wonderful present one can receive. Ferdinand Pechmann came to join our village team a little later and we decided to take up a few lines from the early experiments.

Design Team: Isabelle Dechamps, Ferdinand Pechmann, Wolf Jeschonnek, Stafanie Silbermann from Germany and Adriana Chang from Peru/Japan

designing and making