Cuarto del Retrato is a walk-in photography studio that we designed and constructed to be placed in the market place of San Agustín, which is a suburb of Havana. In this portrait room, inhabitants of San Agustín could experiment with their self-expression and self-perception.
Before entering the room each participant had to answer a questionnaire. They were also obligated to bring an object that represents them to produce an image of their identity with the help of this object, their clothes and poses.
A selection from the 300 portraits that we took in two days was shown with quotes from the interviews in an exhibition at a public space in San Agustín. After a second exhibition organized by LASA the portraits were given to the people involved, letting the exhibition continue in their own homes.
LASA, the Laboratorio Artistico de San Agustín, is a platform for social art that invites Cuban and international artists to work with a focus on the barrio and its inhabitants. We had a residency in 2010.

Projectinitiators: Isabelle Dechamps, Sonja Meyer, Stefanie Silbermann, Lotte Steuer und Jailen Silva Benítez

Hosted by Laboratorio Artistico den San Agustin