The IziSeat is a bus seat for children with cerebral palsy (CP). It provides postural support and makes travelling safer for any person, but it was designed according to the needs of children with CP. “CP is the most common childhood physical disability”. It is a scarring of the brain tissue, which is irreparable and diagnosed shortly after birth. Individuals who are impaired by CP need a constant and correct body support, as their movement and body control is impaired. The seat is available in four sizes with individual back- and seating parts that can be combined individually. Head support and belts are adjustable. The seat is lightweight and can easily be installed to or removed from the vehicle. Schools and day-care centres will be provided with the seats through development funds.

Design Features

• CP children can be seated properly in the vehicle, whereas they used to lie unsafely.

• The seat has multiple adjustments to match the varying needs of the children.

• Four different seat sizes and the adjustability make the IziSeat suitable for all ages.

• All materials were chosen carefully and proved to be durable and effective in a 1 year testing period.

• The product can be returned to the manufacturer in exchange for a deposit and will then be recycled.

• Manufacturing is carried out locally by the social company Shonaquip.

In cooperation with Shonaquip and the Cape Mental Health Society