Point of view

This role-play game is a cheerful method for helping groups to find new arguments and ideas. While developing a concept or an idea or taking decisions, it is useful to look at things from different angles. Often we are trapped in our own micro-focus, so that we become blind to other possibilities. Point of view is a creative method that we developed as part of the Weltgestalten project. It is a set of 8 paper glasses that stand for different perspectives and are a useful tool in any group discussion. The glasses help loosen our fixed ideas and find new solutions in a playful way. The most absurd moments can bring constructive suggestions.
In our design educational practice we often use it for presentations of project drafts and designs. A group of people wear the perspective glasses and slip into the roles of different experts; some are predetermined and a few can be invented according to the situation. So,the Eco analyses the presented project according to criteria of ecology and sustainability, the Optimist focuses on the positive aspects, the Star designer looks for the style, the Emo reacts emotionally, and the one with the Fact glasses summarizes from a neutral position at the end. At weltgestalten the pupils learned to judge their ideas critically and without offending each other with this method, since it is easier to take critique from the Pessimist, who has to be negative, than from your classmate. This game is inspired by the Six Thinking Hats method from Edward de Bono.

a co production with Miriam Chouaib
in cooperation with www.pappbrille.de