able wird label was the second phase of the process with the ceramic workshop. Building on what was learned in the foundation workshops, I carried out more individual guidance for 6 participants to enable them to each design a product from their own idea to a final prototype. The ceramic workshop is now producing some of these with our be able label.

first able products

  • Gewürztöpfchen
    Design Katja Renner

  • Doppelschale
    Design Romm Kulosa

  • TeeTraeder
    Design Christian Ruttig

  • Porzellankästchen
    Design Catharina Hatje

  • Vase der Überraschungen
    Design Michael Poggemann

The videoclips below show the individual product development processes of some be able participants. Besides an educational setting of recurring group sessions with design relevant exercises, each participant was guided through their design process in either a close or independent dialogue in accordance with their abilities and wishes.